'Black Krim'

Photo by Alex Schwab

Juicy with a rich flavor coupled with a dash of salt, the black Russian tomatoes have a reputation for possibly being the best tasting tomatoes around.Growing to a sizeable 6-12 oz. each, they have also surprised gardeners in cool coastal areas by actually ripening well. ‘Black Krim’ is no exception and did well when tested in Half Moon Bay. Compost the growing area well and plant 24-36” apart, leaving only the top pair of leaves above the soil. Supply a stake or strong tomato cage for the 4-7’ vine and mulch well. Water evenly (to avoid cracking the fruit) and improve the flavor by tapering off as the fruits start to mature. Suitable for dry farming.  Ripens 80 days from planting though in cool areas it can take much longer. Start early and protect against cold. Sun and heat intensifies the dark color (with brown shoulders) of the ripe tomato. Open pollinated.

Anni J.
Gardener at Large

Full Sun

Average Water

80 Days

Annual Edible
All Zones