Salvia apiana

Topping out at only 2-3’ tall and wide, this compact selection of Salvia apiana has all the silver-hued wow factor, heady aroma & pollinator attraction of its larger cousin, but at about half the size! Easy to place in just about any garden, it’s beautiful in or out of bloom. From Spring through Summer, narrow spikes studded with white to pale lavender blooms sway above the mound of slender silver foliage.Drought, heat, sand & deer tolerant,not to mention evergreen (well, ever-grey), it’s a super wildlife plant, appealing to bees & birds who love the seeds. Can be used to make medicinal teas & smudge sticks for cleansing & purifying spaces.Easy to grow,requiring only well-draining, not too fertile soil, low water to no Summer water once established & plenty of sun!

Marti B.
Gardener at Large

Full Sun

Low Water/No Summer Water

USDA zones 7-10