Monardella macrantha
'Marian Sampson'

Absolutely eye-popping flower clusters abound over a long season on this sensational California native. This extra showy variety originates from a seedling grown by the late Ed Sampson of Mourning Cloak Botanical Garden and named after his wife. M. macrantha is native to S. Cal coast ranges and Baja, California and is particularly suited to rock gardens or containers as it requires low-nutrient soil and excellent drainage. Spreading into a low mat of shiny mid- green, lightly scented foliage 3” tall and 18” across, the wild riot of a bloom display appears from late Spring to Fall, each cluster bearing up to 25 upright, blazing scarlet-red narrow trumpets almost 2” long.  Benefits from occasional Summer water. Hummer magnet! Deer resistant!


Sun (Coast)/
Part Shade (Inland)

Low Water

CA Native Perennial
USDA zones 6b-10