'Karma Blue Butterfly'

Adding this pretty viola to your garden will surely bring on the positive vibes! Dazzling blue-violet blooms adorned with outstanding indigo veining makes this pansy a true-blue beauty! Suitable for a container or planted directly in the garden, it produces 3” flowers atop evergreen, tidy 6-8” mounds, Spring thru Fall. Easy-peasy & fun to grow, the highly ornamental/edible blooms are super useful! Gather a bunch for a mini insta-bouquet. Candy them up for dessert decoration. Freeze them into ice cubes for an unexpected beverage treat. Snip the spent blooms, & you get more! Does best in cooler climates but can withstand some heat & temperature fluctuations. Prefers moist conditions, rich soil & being treated to regular fertilizer for best show!

Daisy Jane

Sun/Part Shade

Avg. Water/Moist

USDA zones 7-10
(Annual Elsewhere)