Amaranthus tricolor
'Red Beauty'

You know that amaranth grain is delicious & nutritious, but did you also know that the leaves are also chock-full of powerful nutrients? It’s true! Rich in protein, calcium, iron, & vitamins A & C, heart-healthy ‘Red Beauty’ packs a nutritious punch! And it’s darned pretty, too! Oval-shaped, purple leaves are trimmed in bright green &, used like spinach, give salads & soups that extra je ne sais quois!  In fact, ‘Red Beauty’ is known as “Chinese spinach”, or “yin choi”, so throw a handful of these health-giving leaves into your favorite stir-fry just before serving (they taste best raw). Plant 6-8” apart in a sunny, well-drained location. Tolerates hot, dry & moist conditions & can grow up to 6’ tall! Leave the flowers to self-sow for next year’s crop. Use natural, high quality compost if you fertilize as Amaranths tend to store nitrates from chemical fertilizers. So, if you’re over kale & want to set a new superfood trend, be one of the cool kids & give ‘Red Beauty’ a go.

Daisy Jane

Full Sun

Avg. Water/Moist

Annual Edible
All Zones