Phacelia ciliata
"Great Valley Phacelia"

Recommended by the Dept. of Agriculture as one of the 12 best pollinator plants for native and European honeybees! Endemic to much of California and shockingly missing in the nursery trade, “Great Valley Phacelia” is one beautiful self-sowing annual. What’s more, it’s EASY, fast and deliciously scented of grape soda! Blooms abundantly for 3+ months from Spring into Summer with clusters of fetching single slightly cupped 1” lavender-blue flowers. Densely mounding to 16” x 16” with pretty ferny foliage. Adaptable to most soils including CLAYISH. Deer resistant! NOTE: Phacelias can cause dermatitis to folks sensitive to their fine hairs. So, wear gloves and long sleeves when handling.


Full Sun

Average Water

CA Native Annual
All Zones