'Crown Azure'

Easy-to-grow ‘Crown Azure’, with its sweet kitty-cat “face”, is ideal for the front of the border because it’s so darned pretty! Sky-blue accented with indigo “whiskers” - I’m almost certain I have a favorite pair of well-worn, comfy jeans in exactly this shade! 1” blooms stem from 4-6” tidy, evergreen mounds, beckoning winged & bipedal garden visitors, alike. And, like all Violas, it’s edible! Drop a petal or two on a Summer salad or float one in a tall glass of lemonade for an extra touch of class! Fertilize often, provide rich soil & an average amount of water, & you’ll be rewarded with blooms galore!

Daisy Jane

Sun/Part Shade

Avg. Water/Moist

USDA zones 7-10