Senecio candicans
'Angel Wings'
(syn. S. candidans)

The “IT” plant here at the nursery this past year! Brilliant silvery-white velvety heart-shaped leaves to 5” across, perfectly arranged in a multi-level rosette make a dramatic highlight accent in a garden or container. Ours grew to 14” tall and 18” across in year 1 and grabbed massive attention in our garden above. Though it looks like and is often touted as drought tolerant, here in our mild climate gardens we found it thrived happily in rich, well-drained soil with regular water. It tended to wilt in less fertile, drier gardens. If you your Winter conditions are excessively wet or dip under 20 degrees F, just pot it so you can move it indoors for the Winter!


Full Sun
Average Water

USDA zones 8-10
(Annual Elsewhere)
(USPP# 28,830)