Bukiniczia cabulica

A rare and wonderful plant that forms a bizarre 2-4” rosette of heart-shaped, bluish-green leaves with intricate, creamy white veins. Thriving in dry, sunny, well-draining conditions, this little guy is great in a clay pot (1 gal.+) or planted at the front of a dry bed. Generally completing its lifecycle in one year, it starts out with elongated juvenile foliage that makes way for the chubby heart-shaped mature leaf form. Come Summer it produces architecturally appealing, multi-branching, 14” tall flower stalks with inconspicuous beigey-pink flowers. After flowering, it will die but reseeds reliably for future generations. Some plants may also reproduce by offsets, forming cute little clumps of foliar fun.

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Low Water

USDA zones 5-9