A must-have for any begonia aficionado. This unbelievably huge-leaved ultra-hardy tuberous Begonia can handle hot and cold weather like nobody’s business, ditto with humidity. It will astound you with its 18” rounded fuzzy heart-shaped leaves and gorgeous showy pink blooms. Makes a commanding container plant that makes you look like a total plant wizard. Adds real presence to shady spots! Growing to about 2’ tall and wide, in its first year the leaves will perhaps only reach 10-12” long but in its second year they should attain their full size, with a lovely red rib down the backside. Blooms in late Summer thru Fall with clusters of the most romantic 1” pretty-in-pink, yellow-eyed flowers popping out everywhere. Bonus: bulbils form along the leaf axils, dropping to the ground and producing even more of these awesome beauties. Provide well-draining soil. Mulch for Winter in cold climate – it’ll go dormant, but will come back in Spring bigger and more impressive than ever!

Marti B.
Gardener at Large

Avg. Water/Moist

USDA zones 6-11