Cretan Oregano
(Oreganum onites)

The undoubted queen of flavor and fragrance among all Oreganos. I love this perennial native of Crete for its springy, closely stacked, light green foliage spires that form whimsical looking 2’x2’ mounds. Bees and butterflies adore the sweet white flower balls that top it in Spring and Summer and the blooms are every bit as useful in cooking as the leaves – they’re especially good in teas! Not only is it on the culinary ‘A’ list, it also has time-honored medicinal uses for a myriad of ailments (soothing upset stomachs, antiseptic, sleep aid, etc.). Grow this super tasty deer resistant herb in rich well drained soil and you will have it for years to come, providing a truly special pizazz to your pizzas, salads, or soups. Drought tolerant once established. Cut back after flowering to prevent it from becoming woody and a little bitter.

Marti B.
Gardener at Large

Full Sun
Low Water

Perennial Herb
USDA zones 8-10