Lavandula angustifolia
'Royal Velvet'

“Culinary Lavender”

An easy, fast growing “English Lavender” that tolerates moist, humid climates as well as the hotter, drier climates most Lavenders prefer. Drought tolerant, deer resistant and rabbit resistant, with outrageously fragrant deep purple blooms! Quickly grows to a perfect shrub sized 24” high and 30” wide mound that will remain ever-gray in mild Winter areas. Blooms late Spring thru Summer with dead-heading. Perfect as a focal plant in rock or herb gardens, it is simply breathtaking when planted in drifts! The edible blooms are most potent when used fresh, but they’ll stillhold their rich color even when dried!Provide average water until established, then low water thereafter. Plant in well-draining soil. Cut back immediately after bloom is finished  by no more than 1/3rd - at the latest by first week in September, to maintain appearance for next season.

Marti B.
Gardener at Large

Full Sun
Low/Avg. Water

Perennial Shrub/Herb
USDA zones 6-11