'Winter Mix'


Can’t pick just one of our fancy and delicious lettuces? No problemo! Allow us to presentall of our favorite lettuces in one handy dandy mix!This lovely smorgasbord of tasty greens includes crispy green ‘Buttercrunch’,every-showy‘Drunken Woman Fizzy Headed’,cut-and-come-again‘Flashy Oak’,and the ever-popular heirloom‘Merveille de Quatre Saison’.Plant in rich soil and keep well-water. Start thinning the seedlings out when they reach 1-2” tall. If some plants are growing much faster than the rest, cut them back to 1-2” above the soil. When the leaves are 4-5” tall, cut them off with scissors and enjoy your salad. Fertilize lightly after cutting back (fish emulsion is good) and the plants will be ready for a harvest again in 1-2 weeks.

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