'Avant Garde'

An exceptionally fast-growing and bloomiferous vine sporting innumerable 2” flowers from Summer into Fall with broad, velvety crimson, slightly recurved petals with a central dahlia-like lavender pompom and contrasting yellow eye. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Simple as pie to grow, this type III Clematis blooms on new growth so, once planted, let ‘er rip and watch it quickly climb up a trellis, ramble through trees, or mingle nicely with your rose on an arbor. It can easily reach 3’ wide x 10’ tall in one season! Prune back to 1’ in Spring. This disease resistant variety prefers rich, well-draining soil, and an occasional composting during its bloom season. Make sure to position where the roots are shaded - easily accomplished by planting where the roots protected by other plants or simply put some flat stones around the base to shield roots from the sun. Bonus: this clematis is bee friendly!

Marti B.
Gardener at Large

Average Water

Perennial Vine
USDA zones 4-9
(USPP# 16,074)