Solanum umbelliferum
‘Mt. Diablo’

Solanum umbelliferum Mt Diablo Solanum umbelliferum Mt Diablo

Outrageously bloomiferous! This hyper-local CA native “Bluewitch”, gathered from the slopes of Mt. Diablo, is smothered in lovely lavender 1” wide star-shaped blooms featuring glowy egg-yolk yellow anthers almost all year long, with the showiest display from Spring thru Summer. Exceptional for attracting native pollinators! Small, dark green leaves are covered in a fine silvery down forming a dense 1-3’ multi-branching mound. Super tough, CLAY and rocky soil pose no problem and it’s ultra DROUGHT TOLERANT, too! Provide occasional Summer water for best appearance. Note: All parts are POISONOUS which means deer don’t like it and you shouldn’t be nibbling on it, either.

Plant Unicorn

Low/No Summer Water

CA Native Perennial
USDA zones 7-10