'Jack Catlin'

Aeonium Jack Catlin
Photo by David Feix

Brilliant red and green foliage makes this groundcovery succulent a stand-out specimen for a dry garden. Introduced by Huntington Botanical Gardens and named after its breeder, John (AKA “Jack”) Catlin, it’s extremely vigorous with a higher tolerance for heat and frost than most Aeoniums. Forming innumerable 6-8” wide rosettes that are sour-apple green in the center and a brilliant burgundy around the edges, it reaches about 18” tall by 24” wide, eventually spreading over time to form ground-hugging drifts. Exceptionally showy planted at the front of a bed - try placing it near blue, silver or golden-leaved plants for gorgeous contrast. Older rosettes produce bee-attracting, 1” conical yellow flower spikes held above the foliage. Drought tolerant and deer resistant. Provide excellent drainage for a healthy plant.

Plant Unicorn

Avg./No Summer Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 9b-11