'Georgia Peach Pie'

Sweet and pretty as a Georgia peach, this new Dianthus was our chosen fave of the many new varieties we tested this year. Long blooming from Spring to Fall, numerous 2” light peachy-pink frilly-edged flowers delight with a watercolor center, surrounded by a vibrant raspberry ring. Spicy fragrant, you get 4-5 buds atop each sturdy, non-floppy stem. The compact blue-green foliage makes a handsome weed-suppressing mat, too! Dianthus are happiest growing at the edge of a bed or in a container (2+ gal) in well-drained soil, side-dressed annually with 1” of compost. Deadhead to keep ’em coming! Long lived! To 11”x11”. Cut back to 3” tall in Fall.



Full Sun
Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 4-10
(USPP# 29,900)