Elizabeth W. Exhausted Gardener’s
Reinvigorating Care Package

Cucumber Fizzy Bath Cubes and Body Oil

(crisp, light fruity)

Elizabeth W. Exhausted Gardener’s Reinvigorating Care Package

Have you ever walked in after a long, productive day in the garden only to discover you can barely stand up straight? You forgot to eat lunch, every muscle in your body is complaining and you don’t even know how to begin to take care of yourself? Let us help.

First, drink a glass of water. Second,have a snack to raise your blood sugar. Third, run some hot water and get ready for THE BEST BATH EVER.

Elizabeth W. has been handcrafting their magic in San Francisco since 1995 using the highest quality botanicals and essential oils. We fell in love with their fresh fragrances and excellent quality and feel good about sharing them with you, too!

Pop a couple of Fizzy Bath Cubes into the bath for a refreshingly fizzy moisturizing experience. Made with California Poppy extract (Eschscholzia californica) to soothe muscle tension and promote healthy skin, the light cucumber fragrance is crisp, light and fruity.

The luxurious Body Oil is made with nourishing jojoba and sweet almond oil to moisturize and protect. Apply a few drops on wet skin after bathing or showering or pour into the bath for a soothing soak. Also great for massage!

Cucumber Body Oil - 4 fl. oz.
Cucumber Fizzy Bath Cubes - 20 cubes, 12 oz.