'Single Bicolor'

Freesia Single Bicolor Freesia Single Bicolor

10 Bulb per Bag
*Bulb size varies, Size does not affect viability*

Break out of those Winter blues with the fiery hues of this easy-to-grow uber-FRAGRANT Spring bulb that produces sprays of large 2” red-orange blushed, bright yellow flowers with pale lavender stamens! So cool! Deer resistant, low-maintenance and perfect for our Mediterranean climate. Leaves emerges in late Fall forming a 1’ tall clump of foliage that stays green all Winter long until plumes of flowers on 18” tall flower stalks erupt in Spring – perfect for cutting! Spreads naturally for a bigger and better show each year! Plant 2” deep and 3” apart. Provide excellent drainage. Water regularly during active growth, reducing it to low/no water once leaves die back for Summer dormancy. For those below zone 8, lift and store bulbs before frost – or simply plant in a container that can be overwintered indoors.

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Avg./Low water

Perennial Bulb
USDA zones 8-11