Brodiaea californica

Brodiaea californica Babylon Brodiaea californica Babylon

10 Bulbs per Bag

A stunning selection of one of our fave California native bulbs, ‘Babylon’ boasts bigger flowers held in denser clusters and, by the way, they’re PINK! Blooms reliably year after year with minimal care, producing MULTIPLE flower stems up to 24” tall. Each stem is topped by a candelabra of large dusty-rose, open-faced, star-shaped flowers, each over 1” across. Blooms open in late Spring or early Summer with the display lasting well over a month! Makes an excellent cut flower and can even be dried. Gorgeous and whimsical, it’s also exceptionally tough and tolerates less than perfect soil (so long as it has good drainage). Spreads by corms.

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Avg./Low water

CA Native Perennial Bulb
USDA zones 5-11