Plectranthus ciliatus
'Zulu Wonder'

Plectranthus ciliatus Zulu Wonder

A fabulously tropicalesque - and useful! - groundcover for a shady side yard. Growing 1-2’ tall and 2-3’ wide, this South African beauty boasts lightly fragrant, deeply quilted mid-green leaves with scalloped edges and contrasting deep burgundy undersides. Forms a lush, evergreen foliar mound that is quite pretty on its own, but the real show occurs from late Summer to Fall when lovely 6”+ lavender flower spikes emerge on purple stalks held above the foliage. Stunning in full bloom and irresistible to hummers! Cut back hard after blooming has finished to refresh. Can tolerate full sun in cool, coastal areas, but prefers protection from the hot, late-day sun.

Plant Unicorn

Average Water

Perennial Groundcover
USDA zones 9-11