Dimorphotheca sinuata
‘Peach Delight’
“African Daisy”

Dimorphotheca sinuata Peach Delight African Daisy Dimorphotheca sinuata Peach Delight African Daisy

Almost instant gratification and such a lovely shade of peach! Within one month you’ll have a delightful mass of single “African Daisies” 3” across, centered with a showy maroon-purple ringed eye. And such a welcome and hard to come by color for the garden combining magically with soft blues, oranges or even bright pinks. OR you can use it as a fast blooming colorful filler for blank spaces in succulent gardens where it will happily self-sow several times a year in mild climates. 12”-14” tall and about 15” across, with nice dense, smooth spoon-shaped foliage. SO EASY to grow it’s most glorious in rich, compost enhanced soil but tolerates poor and sandy soil as well. Terrific planted 2-3 in a 10+ gallon container. You can plant this accommodating annual anytime in temperate climates and Spring thru Summer in frosty Winter zones. Rarely, white flowers can occur but self-sown seedlings revert to peach.


Full Sun

Low Water (once established)

All zones