Libertia chilensis
"Satin Flower"

Libertia chilensis Libertia chilensis
Photos by (Left) Dick Culbert (Right) James Gaither

Beautiful, three-petaled, pristine white flowers bloom late Spring to early Summer in airy clusters held aloft on wiry, nodding stems. The blooms are much loved by bees and butterflies and the showy orange fruit that follow attract wee birdies. Forms a dense, grass-like clump of fairly erect, strappy blue-green leaves that can reach about 2-3’ high and wide and never go dormant, but may color shift to a warm, coppery hue in cold weather. Native to the swamps of Chile, it does best in well-draining soil with adequate water as it thoroughly resents being dried out. Looks great next to splashy water features, but is equally happy in average water garden beds where it provides year-round texture.

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Average Water/Moist

USDA zones 8-10