Phytolacca icosandra

Exuberantly tropical looking, this TOUGH and EASY native of S. America makes an eye-catching, showy perennial with bright cherry-violet stems and veining on the leaves. Blooming from May to September, a multitude of upright slender spikes bear small, densely packed bright magenta blooms followed by very showy violet berries loved by birds. “Button Pokeweed” can reach up to 5’ tall and 4’ across (wow!) but you can easily keep it shorter by pruning or cutting back to 1’ tall in Fall. Evergreen, excellent in a large container, DROUGHT TOLERANT and DEER resistant. Showiest in rich loamy soil with some Summer water, but happy with less than perfect conditions. NOT INVASIVE (I’ve had one on my garden for over ten years with no re-seeding).


Full Sun
Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 9-11