Agave titanota

One of the most beautiful and glowy Agaves around, this compact creature forms a rosette only 1-2’ high by 2-3’ wide. Each leaf is framed by a showy ridge of shark’s-tooth-esque spines that can vary in color from white to near-black mahogany. Glowing like a jewel both day and night, it’s perfect for adorning any sunny, low-water garden or large container. Once a rosette is fully mature it will produce a single flower spike encrusted with bee and hummer attracting yellow blooms - allow the spent stalk to remain long enough to reseed for future generations. While the flowering plant will die, any offsets will remain. Grown from seed, so color may vary.

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 10a-10b