Agave striata ssp. striata
"Narrow Leaf Agave"

Agave striata ssp striata Narrow Leaf Agave
Photo by Megan Hansen

Easy to grow and exceptionally low-water loving – this colony-forming “Century Plant” forms a dome-shaped rosette of quill-like leaves reaching an impressive 3’x3’ with time. After several years it should begin producing offsets, eventually forming a dense, large-scale groundcover that looks like an undulating mass of evergreen spheres. If you want the full effect in a hurry, plant in multiples spaced 1-2’ apart. Individual rosettes will flower once they’re fully mature, sending up a tall flower spike topped by a dense club of green flowers with showy red or purple stamens – much loved by bees. The flowering rosette will eventually die, but the rest of the colony will live on. Exceptionally tolerant of poor soil so long as it has good drainage. Once established it should need little to no additional water and should be kept dry in Winter. Deer resistant.

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Low/No Summer Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 8b-10