Antirrhinum majus
'Double Azalea Bronze'

Deliciously fragrant ruffly blooms on a properly tall (3’ high) plant! For years the ‘Double Azalea’ series of Snapdragons were some of our best loved annuals – big, beautiful double blooms that went on forever with a delicious fruity fragrance and bold  colors – then our seed source dried up and we were heartbroken. However, we’ve finally managed to get our mitts on one - a new color we’ve never grown before! So gird your loins and prepare yourself for gorgeous, old-fashioned, vivid flowers on a multi-branching, thoroughly erect, properly huge (1’ wide by 3’ tall in bloom) plant. Buds are pink, opening to brilliant orange. Cut back to 6” to encourage an encore performance. Excellent cut flowers. Plant in rich soil for best show.

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Average Water

All Zones