Aloe polyphylla
"Spiral Aloe"


Aloe polyshylla Spiral Aloe Aloe polyshylla Spiral Aloe
Photos by (Left) J. Brew (Right) Leonora Enking

Behold, one of the most sought after succulents in the world! Forming a single, ground-hugging rosette 2-3’ high and wide with grey-green leaves radiating outwards either clockwise or widdershins from a central 5-point star. Not a beginner plant - like all divas, it has needs. Firstly, provide exceptional drainage. Secondly, keep its roots cool. So, for those in the SF Bay Area and up along the coast – you’re good, consider planting on a slope to avoid wet feet. For areas where temps regularly exceed 80 degrees F, it’s a good idea to pot it up in a thick container (wood or glazed ceramic is best) and position in filtered sun until the days cool down. Flowers irregularly in Summer producing a 1’ tall multi-branching spike topped with hummer attracting flowers that vary in color from red to yellow. Deer resistant. Drought tolerant. Super cool.

Aloe polyshylla Spiral Aloe

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Part Sun
Low water

Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 7b-10