Leonotis leonurus
"Lion's Tail"

Leonotis leonurus Lions Tail

A superstar bloomer throughout Summer and Fall, S. African native Lion’s Tail is HEAT and DROUGHT tolerant, exceptionally EASY , deer resistant and a sensational hummingbird magnet. Fast-growing , durable and evergreen (in mild Winters) with an attractive bushy base-branching habit, it’ll reach 4-6’ tall and wide in its first year! Unique and plentiful fuzzy tubular whorls of stacked tubular arching Lion’s Tails are beautifully displayed on a mass of stiff upright stems. And the handsome deep green lance shaped leaves add a lovely lush effect. Can bloom year-round along the California coast, though most folks cut it back to 1’ in late Fall for best appearance next season. Average, well-drained soil is fine. Bees, butterflies and fab cut flowers!


Full Sun
Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 8b-11
(annual elsewhere)