Lupinus grayi
"Sierra Lupine"

This CA native packs as much beauty in its ground-hugging stature as any wildflower we know! Anyone who has traveled to the Sierra Nevada Mountains during Spring has likely seen whole meadows or high craggy fields completely blanketed with its deep purple-blue flower spikes... genuinely breathtaking! The 6” racemes bloom from April thru July, held high above fuzzy, palmate foliage that forms a spreading mat about 10” high and 2’ wide. Happy in sunny well-drained dry gardens and planters. Tolerant of poor soil, but a small serving of compost upon planting is helpful. Provide light regular watering for the first month. Butterflies and bees adore it, and wild birds are attracted to its seeds. It can be fragrant but does not always oblige in every setting.

Marti B.,
Gardener at Large

Full Sun
Low water

CA Native Perennial
USDA zones 7-9