'Zion Copper Amethyst'

The most stunningly beautiful “African Daisy” we’ve ever seen! Innumerable, 2” wide, tricolor blooms gently gradate from purple in the center to bright, golden orange on the tips, hitting a vibrant magenta on the way. They practically glow! Perfect for adding brilliant color to the garden or a container (5+ gal.). Grown as an annual in cold Winter areas where it quickly forms a lush 1’x1’ mound of foliage smothered in flowers from Spring thru Fall! In warm Winter areas it is reliably perennial, surprisingly drought tolerant, outrageously bloomerific and grows to about 2’x2’. Deadhead regularly for best show. Makes a fantastic cut flower. Protect from hard frosts. May go deciduous in Winter.

Plant Unicorn

Avg./Low water

USDA zones 9-11
(annual elsewhere)
(USPP# 22,054)