Clarkia elegans
'Salmon Queen'

Clarkia elegans 'Salmon Queen' Clarkia elegans 'Salmon Queen'

SUPER DUPER EASY to grow, this highly rewarding California native annual presents a mass of blooms, from top to bottom, of plentiful upright stems for a very long bloom season especially long in cool-Summer coastal areas – May to Sept. (with some Summer water) and May to mid-Summer without. True to its common name “Farewell-to-Spring”. it’s highly valuable for delivering a mass of 2” blooms just as most other Spring-flowering natives are fading and your Summer bloomers have not quite begun. And a great choice for new gardens as it quickly fills in bare patches, providing quick foliage and loads of color and it self-sows readily for fresh plants next year. Clay tolerant, but plant in rich, well-draining soil for best show. Amazingly long-lasting in a vase – up to 3 weeks! Deer resistant! Bees and butterflies!


Full Sun
Avg/No Summer Water

CA Native Annual
All Zones