Chrysocephalum apiculatum
‘Silver Sunburst’

Chrysocephalum apiculatum‘Silver Sunburst’ Chrysocephalum apiculatum‘Silver Sunburst’

Wow!!! Our most favorite new introduction for 2018! A winning highlight for the dry, well-drained garden, this Australian native creates a compact mound of arresting and luminous silvery-white furry foliage. In Spring, it bursts into a spectacular plentitude of papery 1” bright yellow aging to orange-gold pom-poms that last for months and months! Held in clusters on furry silvery stems, you’ll love the intense colorful contrast they display against the foliage. Just the coolest for edging a rock garden, succulent garden or in a container (5+ gal.) and surprisingly EASY for something so unusual and gorgeous. Just provide it uncrowded space and very well-drained soil. Dried flowers! Heat and deer resistant! Cut back to 6” tall in Winter. To 14” tall and 2’ across.


Full Sun
Low Water

USDA zones 8b-10