Bellevalia pycnantha
‘Giant Grape Hyacinth’
(syn. Muscari pcynantha)

Bellevalia pycnantha Giant Grape Hyacinth
Photo courtesy of Wendymerle

A monstrously large and fantastically fragrant variety that  grows to twice the size of your average Hyacinth! Reaching 12” tall, it sports sumptuous flowers that fill the air with their heady fragrance and are perfect for mid to late Spring bouquets. The grass-like foliage emerges in early Spring followed by densely crowded, conical flower spikes with dusty blue-green buds that open to form rich, bluish-purple tubular flowers with yellow peek-a-boo stamens. Goes dormant once flowering ends. Lovely as edging or under trees – plant them under your later flowering fruit trees for an idyllic Spring display that also attracts bees! Reliably multiplies for a larger, more floriferous patch each year. Clay tolerant!

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Average Water

Perennial Bulb
USDA zones 4-10