Gloves - Mud Gauntlet
Ladies M/L

Gardener, Protect Thyself!

We've tried A LOT of different gauntlet gloves and THESE are what our crew uses when it's time to prune roses, clean-up brambles and work around other prickly plants! Made of buttery soft goatskin, they're super comfortable AND super tough, with extended cuffs good for fending off errant thorns and branches. Adjustable straps at the wrist give the gardener a personalized fit while keeping out dirt and debris. Plus, the extra soft goatskin leather provides excellent puncture resistance and dexterity – so you can actually feel what you're doing!

Pair them with some of our handy tools to make a great gift for your favorite gardener!

Care instructions: Wipe gloves clean using a damp cloth and hand or leather soap. Wipe soap off with a clean, damp cloth and allow gloves to dry flat, away from direct heat. When dry, put gloves on and flex a few times to re-soften them. Warning: thorough washing of leather gloves will stiffen the leather, and you don't want that!

8" Hand Circumfernce
17" Long