Justicia rizzinii
"Brazilian Fuchsia"

Justicia rizzinii Brazilian Fuchsia Justicia rizzinii Brazilian Fuchsia

In the dreariest months of the year, the brilliant blooms and bright green leaves of this tropical shrub bring cheer to any spot in the garden, even that shady corner... not just for we gardeners but for the grateful Hummingbirds and bees who feast on its pollen! This hardy 2-4’ small-leaved shrub is covered in candy-hued bright red and yellow tubular flowers from Fall-Spring! It can take big time heat and humidity, is astoundingly floriferous, grows in Full Sun all the way to Shady conditions and, if watered regularly to establish its roots the first year, it can be drought tolerant thereafter. Easy as pie, you can even grow it in a large container, pinching its tips or pruning it back after bloom for a more compact plant. Can take almost any soil as long as it is well draining, although we think a generous feed of compost in late Summer makes for the happiest plant! Oh, did I mention it is evergreen here in our coastal zones?

Gardener at Large

Sun/Bright Shade
Average Water

Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 10-11