Ceanothus Centennial California Lilac Ceanothus Centennial California Lilac
Photos courtesy of (Left) Dancing Oaks Nursery (Right) Jeff Silva

Here is a plant so packed with virtue that it should be nominated for sainthood, seriously! Brilliant 1.5” royal blue flowers practically smother this California native ground cover in spring! Forms a fast-growing, evergreen groundcover 6-12” tall and 4’x8’ wide in a couple of years with compact glossy saturated green leaves. Attracts not only pollinator bees but also butterflies, hummingbirds and other wild birds! Low water, drought tolerant, and deer resistant! It’s totally unfussy, just  give it reasonably rich well-draining soil and water regularly for the first couple of years to make sure it is thoroughly established. Renowned for its heavenly fragrance, you’ll delight in the scent just walking by it when it is in bloom. Now if that doesn’t constitute a righteous plant, what does?

Ceanothus Centennial California Lilac
Photo courtesy of Dancing Oaks Nursery

Gardener at Large

Sun (coast)
Part Sun (inland)
Low water

CA Native
Perennial Groundcover
USDA zones 5-11