Rosa chinensis

Rosa chinensis Mutabilis Rosa chinensis Mutabilis

Evergreen and ever-blooming in warmer climates – this gorgeous China rose produces abundant color-shifting flowers that are vivid orange in bud, yellow upon opening and finally a deep rosy-red before producing showy orange hips. Absolutely stunning in full bloom with all of the colors represented at once – just imagine the bouquets! A naturally relaxed shrub up to 10’ high and wide - it can also be trained as a vine or pruned into a bushier form. Fantastically disease resistant and low-maintenance – occasional pruning and a twice annual dose of compost will keep it looking sensational all year round. Extremely drought tolerant once established. Provide rich soil for best health – perfect for a LARGE pot (half-barrel sized). Deciduous in cold Winter areas.

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Part Shade
Avg./Low water

Perennial Vine/Shrub Rose
USDA zones 5-10