'Jelly Bean Gold'

Mimulus Jelly Bean Gold Mimulus Jelly Bean Gold

Thanks to the patient breeding of the late, great Richard Persoff, the gardening world can enjoy this flamboyant and garden friendly Mimulus hybrid. Cheerful golden yellow flowers cover this highly ornamental hybrid “Sticky Monkey Flower” almost year round! Growing to about 2’ tall and wide with a compact, rounded form, this evergreen California native thrives even in extreme drought and poor soil. A wonderful habitat plant – the 1-2” flowers are fantastic for attracting native bees, butterflies and humming birds. Needs no Summer water once established, but does look more lush and blooms heavier with occasional Summer water. Provide excellent drainage for a happy plant. Cut back to about 1’ each Winter to keep it looking dense and bushy.

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Bright Shade
Low/No Summer Water

CA Native
Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 9-11