'Jelly Bean Red'

Mimulus Jelly Bean Red Mimulus Jelly Bean Red

Thanks to the patient breeding of the late, great Richard Persoff, the gardening world can enjoy this flamboyant and garden friendly Mimulus hybrid. Luminous 2” cherry red blooms bedazzle this evergreen California native shrub for most of the year – all year along our coast. Primo for attracting native bees, butterflies and hummers – it’s also ridiculously heat and drought tolerant. To 3’x3’ with glossy evergreen foliage, an annual pruning (cut back to 1’) will keep the habit pretty. Provide excellent drainage and low fertility for a healthy plant. Most bloomiferous with deadheading and occasional Summer water. Deer resistant.


Sun/Bright Shade
Avg./Low Water

CA Native
Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 9-11