Dudleja brittonii

Dudleja brittonii Gremlin
Photo by KM

The crisp, shiny, apple-green foliage on this California native succulent adds welcome contrast to dry, native or rock gardens. Thriving in coastal conditions, it needs little to no additional water and forms a 12-18” rosette – often with dramatic red mottling on older leaves. In early Summer, unusual tentacle-like flower stalks in shades of deep rose emerge, topped with brilliant orange blooms much loved by hummers. Provide excellent drainage and plant at a slight angle to prevent water from pooling in the center. Lovely in a container! Water only occasionally in Summer.

Plant Unicorn

Sun (coast)
Pt. Shade (inland)
Low/No Summer Water

CA Native
Perennial Succulent
USDA zones 9-11