‘Scent First Coconut Surprise’

Bred specifically for exceptional fragrance and a long bloom season, this wonderful new hybrid from England boasts 1.5” frilly double-blossom flowers with vivid blood-red centers that appear in abundance Spring thru Summer (especially with regular deadheading). Forming a dense, evergreen mound of blue-green foliage about 10”x10” with its flowers held only slightly above the foliage on short stems, it’s useful for adorably bordering a bed and lovely in a container (5 gal.+). I think it would be perfect for a window box, where its flowers can bring beauty and fragrance while its short stature keeps it from compromising the view. Prune lightly in Fall after blooming has finished and compost twice a year for a dense, attractive, bloomiferous plant.

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Low Water

USDA zones 5-10
(USPP# 18,828)