Musa velutina
"Pink Velvet Banana"

Musa velutina Pink Velvet Banana
Photo by Nico Nelson

A super hardy, fast-growing banana tree that often flowers and fruits in its FIRST YEAR! Generally reaching a manageable 3-6’ tall with a 4’ wide canopy, it spreads rhizomatically to form lush colonies of pure tropical glory. In Summer, it produces showy hot-pink hummer-attracting flower spikes followed by FUZZY PINK BANANAS! The fruit matures to reddish brown, splitting open when ripe. Grown mostly as an ornamental, the fruits are sweet and tasty but contain tough seeds throughout, making eating them a bit tricky. Remains evergreen in frost free zones. In cold Winter areas it will die to the ground, returning in the Spring bigger and better than ever! Suitable for growing in a container (20 gal.+) and can be over-Wintered indoors where it can supposedly fruit and flower! Cut trunks to the ground after fruiting or when severely damaged by frost. Mulch roots for added protection from cold.

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Pt. Shade
Avg. Water/Moist

USDA zones 7b-11