Asclepias tuberosa

Asclepias tuberosa
Photo courtesy John Flannery

One of the best habitat plants you can grow! Native to most of the continental US and parts of Canada – it’s a fantastic food/host plant for a plethora of butterflies (including Monarchs!), bees, hummers and innumerable other creatures. Reaches about 2’ tall, spreading over time to form an attractive clump of dark green foliage. Blooming Spring thru Summer, its 2-5” flower clusters range in color from brilliant yellow-orange to a sumptuous red-orange, but are mostly a hot-lava orange. An exceptional plant for the low-water, low-maintenance garden needing little more than good drainage to be happy. Slow to establish – it may take a few years before you get your first blooms, but it’s all gravy from there! Exceptionally drought tolerant and deer resistant. Winter deciduous – cut to the ground once dormant.

Asclepias tuberosa
Photo courtesy Fritz Flohr Reynolds

PLEASE BE ADVISED - Due to CA agricultural regulations, we’re required to treat all plants, including Asclepias, plants with BT (a non-toxic, naturally occurring biological larvicide) to help combat the Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM). BT is toxic to caterpillars. If you plan to introduce Monarch caterpillars to this plant, we recommend letting it establish for one year before doing so to ensure it is large enough to provide sufficient food and the BT has had time to wear off.

Full Sun
Low/No Summer Water

USDA zones 3-10