Vitis girdiana
"Desert Wild Grape"

Vitis girdiana Desert Wild Grape
Photo by Stickpen

A stunning, succulent grape native to Southern California and the Channel Islands, where native Kumeyaay and Luiseno tribes have celebrated this sweet, versatile and EASY TO GROW wild fruit for eons. The small, dark purple grapes (less than ½” across) can be eaten fresh, dried or fermented into wine. The exceptional fragrance and juicy purple-black grapes are quite delicious – for people and wildlife, too! Vitis girdiana is a sure, slow but steady grower reaching up to 50’ with beautiful, fuzzy leaves and silvery new growth. It’s a perfect choice for a shade arbor, or as an oasis of cool, leafy cover for any outdoor garden structure. Native to canyon country and coastal scrub. It’ll do well in sand or clay, plus, it tolerates drought, extreme heat, and frost!

Average Water

CA Native Perennial Edible Vine
USDA zones 8-10