Passiflora hybrid
'Susan Brigham'

Passiflora hybrid Susan Brigham

Brilliant magenta blooms up to 6” across with vivid yellow anthers flower Summer thru Fall on this low maintenance, fast-growing “Passion Flower Vine”! A fantastic habitat plants for butterflies, especially Gulf Fritillaries, whose chrysalises can be seen dangling from the stems throughout much of the year. Reaching about 15’ tall with exceptionally large, tropicalesque leaves, this vigorous grower should be given plenty of space on a fence or trellis to really shine and reduce the need to prune back. According to breeder Patrick Worley’s description, ‘Susan Brigham’ is self-pollinating with edible fruit, but most growers agree that fruit set is rare, so it should be considered an ornamental rather than an edible. Provide rich, well-draining soil. Grows well in a container (30 gal.+).

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Part Shade
Low/Avg. Water

Perennial Vine
USDA zones 9-11