Chrysanthemum multicaule
"Marguerite Daisy"

Chrysanthemum multicaule Moonlight Marguerite Daisy
Photo by Tanaka Juuyoh

There is no better herald of Fall than “Mums”. Extremely easy to grow, they tolerate clay, humidity, heat and drought and pump out a seemingly endless supply of cheerful, uniquely fragrant flowers perfect for gracing the edges of beds, containers and bouquets from Summer thru Fall. Growing only about 6” tall and 8” wide, ‘Moonlight’ sports a profusion of single, 1.5” daisy-like flowers in the perfect shade of pale, duckling yellow. Cut back in early Spring for best form. Reseeds gently, sometimes breeding with neighboring “Mums” for surprising results!

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Average Water

USDA zones 3-8