Baccharis pilularis
'Pigeon Point'
"Dwarf Coyotebush"

Baccharis pilularis Pigeon Point Dwarf Coyotebush
Photo by Laura Camp

Grows rapidly into a large and dense groundcover shrub 6-8’ wide and 1-3’ tall. It is imminently suitable for slope stabilization and fire resistant landscaping* and  accepts many kinds of soils from clay to sand and watering regimes from moderate to none. A male selection, ‘Pigeon Point’ avoids the seedy fall looks of female coyote bushes. Can easily be kept even shorter and neater by a yearly shearing, mowed as a lawn alternative, or sheared as a topiary. A good habitat plant providing cover for birds, yet resistant to deer. Plant 6-10’ apart for a good quick fill in, and compliment it with Ceanothus, Salvia and Mimulus.
*For fire resistance, water moderately and prune to keep the groundcover very low.

Anni J.

Sun/Part Shade
Avg./No Summer Water

CA Native Perennial Shrub
USDA zones 7-10