Montia perfoliata
"Miner's Lettuce"

Montia perfoliata Miners Lettuce
Photo by Miheco

Eaten by miners during the California gold rush to ward off scurvy – this much-loved native spans the Pacific coast from Canada to Central America! Generally grown as a self-sown annual - here in Northern CA it appears in late Fall or Winter during the cool rainy season creating a beautiful, lush groundcover that persists into Summer. Evergreen, perennial patches can be found in moist, shady woodland areas. Spade-shaped leaves on elongated stems form a loose 1’x1’ rosette. Remarkable for its 1’ tall flower spikes with clusters of miniscule white flowers cupped in a circular, 2” wide water lily-esque leaf. Makes a charming live mulch for edible or ornamental landscaping and the succulent leaves can be harvested and eaten fresh or cooked like spinach. Self-sows reliably!

Plant Unicorn

Sun/Bright Shade
Avg. Water/Moist

CA Native Perennial
USDA zones 6-10
(annual elsewhere)