Garlic Chives
AKA Chinese Chives
(Allium tuberosum)

The sweet flavor of perfectly cooked garlic – but without the need to actually cook it! Pretty in a pot or planted in the front of a bed (be it herby or ornamental) this easy-peasy bulb is grown for its lovely and luscious leaves! Their delicate garlic flavor is perfect for brightening up potato salad, emboldening butter or cheese, seasoning seafood and anywhere else you want the sweet flavor of garlic but none of the spicy heat. Generally best when added raw or at the end of cooking to preserve the delicate flavor. Produces showy white flowers on 2’ tall stems in Summer that are also edible – cut the whole flower stalk (generally while in bud, not bloom) to use in stir-fries or add to dumplings. Forms a dense 1’ tall grass-like clump that expands over time via bulbils and seed. Evergreen in USDA zones 8 and up.

Plant Unicorn

Full Sun
Low Water/Moist

Perennial Herb
USDA zones 3-10